Educational Advocacy Consulting of New Jersey
Quality Assessment
Partnering with parents of special needs children in working with their child's school  in assuring the best educational opportunities.
Reviewing records and evaluations in making recommendations for accomodations, modifications & related services.
Providing guidance and direction in negotiating the 504/IEP process.
You will be given assistance  through the process of gaining and maintaining services for your child and in ensuring that he or she is currrently receiving appropriate services. This is achieved through gaining bakground information regarding your child's current educational placement, as well as, understanding the goals that you wish to acheive for him/her. Exiting performance evaluations and records are  reviewed in detail. Meetings are held with the parents and school personnel and classroom observations are conducted to assess effectiveness in keeping with the IEP/504 plan goals and objectives.  Assistance can also be provided in the process of finding an alternative educational setting. Communication is established and maintained throughout the process with both the parents and appropriate school personnel..  The goal is to put forth every effort in working  in a cooperative manner with all concerned and by utilizing all means possible to assist your child in achieving success.